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Enter the world of TAYLOR & NG®. A world where East meets West, North and South. Over 40 years ago TAYLOR & NG® brought Far Eastern concepts to the Western home. We continue that tradition, recognizing the fusion of cultures in the products we bring to market. From woks and mugs to saucepans and pot racks, we design versatile, purposeful and pleasurable products that enhance a contemporary way of life. We invite you to bring the world closer with TAYLOR & NG®.

Taylor & Ng is a 43 years old San Francisco-based business which manufactures, wholesales and retails. We bring a product to market that is sensible and pleasurable in purpose, honest and basic in design, and a product whose materials are in as natural a state as practical.

Sales Office (this is not a retail store location): Taylor & Ng
170 Rutledge Street, San Francisco, CA 94110-5342, USA
Tel: 415.643.6810, Fax: 415.643.6859
Email: info@taylorandng.com