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12'' Natural Nonstick

Before TAYLOR & NGĀ® created the Preseasoned Wok, a carbon steel wok needed to be seasoned before it could be used for the first time.Seasoning is a tedious process that requires deep cleaning and repeated heating and oiling of the wok over very high heat. Properly seasoned carbon steel has proven to be one of the best materials for all around cooking ease - it is a superior material for fast, efficient heating and even heat distribution. All Chinese restaurant chefs worldwide would confirm and attest to this fact. There is no coating to peel or crack. It is NATURAL. This preseasoned carbon steel wok is ready to use to provide a virtually non-stick cooking surface. This Natural Nonstick Wok was designed with a flat or round bottom to accommodate electric or gas cooktops. It comes with cool-to-the-touch handles. The 14" wok comes with an additional wooden grip handle. A wood knob dome cover helps retain heat while cooking.

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